01/21/17 9:39pm

Photo by PoPville flickr user Kevin Carroll

Had to share one more before calling it a day. Because. Just because.

Thanks so much to all who sent photos and messages throughout the day. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to reply to every one but I still have many, many, many more photos to go through and I’ll be posting as many as possible throughout the coming week. I’m awed on many levels.

01/21/17 3:25pm


Amazing. Thanks again to Jan for managing to get this one out (3:09pm on Independence Ave) despite the terrible wifi/cell service.

And thanks to Wawa for sending another perspective at 3:30pm:


And regina sends this shot at 3:35pm:


And Katherine takes the shot below at 4:10pm:


01/21/17 12:45pm

Photo by Brian Leshak

Brian sends from SW.

And thanks to Susan for sending below from Columbia Heights:

“Seen in Columbia Heights on Inauguration Day: “Feeling blue today? Treat yourself to a poem. This is our pick please grab one.” They had a stack of copies of Langston Hughes’ “Let America Be America again” in a plastic folder. They were all taken by the time I walked by again later to take this photo, presumably bringing joy to many in the neighborhood, including me!”